[thelist] onClick image not loading properly

sfmalo sfmalo at msn.com
Sun May 27 08:07:54 CDT 2001

Hi. Just used your neat mouseOver/onClick script for my revamped site that I
uploaded this morning and made it my first remote.js file. Ah, we're
advancing into the pond up to the waist now (er, well, knees). Neat, neat

One "frown" however. I just sat here clicking on my menu items, then
clicking to go back Home. The first onClick image (which is Home) takes a
long time to load, or doesn't load at all, or at times loads quickly.
Perplexing. No problem with the other menu items. And it seems to be a
random thing. Any suggestions as to what could be going on? I checked it out
in I.E. 5.x and Netscape 6.01.
URL: http://www.24caratdesign.com.

Sharon F. Malone
"web design and Internet writing services"

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