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Lee Stewart LeeStewart at bigfoot.com
Thu May 31 11:25:25 CDT 2001

> Check out http://www.lacie.com/scripts/cddvd/dvd_intro_final.cfm.

That's a DVD-RAM drive.  Technically different from a DVD-R drive (like the
SuperDrive).  They're incompatible formats and the disc that you record with
DVD-RAM can not be played on a standard DVD-ROM drive or consumer DVD
player.  Also, I think the media is more expensive, since it's built on
magneto optical technology.

As far as I know, the only stand-alone DVD-R drives are from Pioneer:

<link wrap>
</link wrap>

Their older model (DVR-S201) is an external SCSI and costs $5400.  The newer
one (DVR-A03) is internal, IDE and $995.  Unfortunately the cheaper drive is
only available bundle with a Mac - Pioneer expects to start selling it
separately in a month.

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