[thelist] Calling PHP Gurus

Sean Preston razorwise at yahoo.com
Thu May 31 17:02:02 CDT 2001

Hey Gang! 

I'm really enjoying working with PHP4 and wish I knew it all yesterday. : ) I've been playing with
it and MySql, gearing up for the DB2 stuff ahead of me.  

I downloaded php-Nuke today and got it installed fine, but when I added a new user it freaks out
when I go to submit the user information.  The error is this--->

Warning: crypt() is not supported in this PHP build in
c:\apache\apache\htdocs\php-nuke\html\user.php on line 136 shown below.

if(!$system) {
	} else {

I've got PHP4 from the site and I even moved all the dlls into the WINNT/SYS32 subdirectory.  I'm
running this locally (Win32, NT4 box) and I've got PHP in the root directory as well and not an
Apache subdirectory.

Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do to rectify this problem?

Many thanks,

Sean Preston

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