[thelist] Attachments and mail through PHP

John Meyer john_meyer at geocities.com
Mon Jun 4 10:35:58 CDT 2001

At 08:27 AM 6/4/01 -0700, you wrote:
>John Meyer wrote:
> > I was thinking about a problem at work.  One of the people here sends out
> > surveys via access databases through e-mail, and then the results are
> > manually compiled into an excel worksheet.  I was thinking of using PHP to
> > have a single web interface.  The only problem is the excel worksheet.  Is
> > there anyway to use mail to add an attachment to an outgoing e-mail?
>It seems to me that you could eliminate the excel worksheet with an html
>form - but maybe that's too obvious, yes? Is there something special
>about the worksheet that requires it to be an excel file?

Maybe, maybe not, but my bigger question is whether or not mail can handle 
an attachment.  If that is absolutely out of the question, is there anyway 
to reference an ocx?

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