[thelist] Attachments and mail through PHP

Beau Hartshorne beau at uvic.ca
Mon Jun 4 11:28:23 CDT 2001

It is possible to send attachments with php. To solve a very similar
problem, I created an online form in a hidden area where people could fill
out the survey. Once they filled out the form and clicked submit, I had php
send an attached tab delimitated text file to the person who was compiling
the survey data. I forget exactly how it worked, but excel imported the tab
delimitated files into rows effortlessly.

Here's a script you could use to send attachments:


There is lots and lots of archived discussion about this here (php-general
mailing list):




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I was thinking about a problem at work.  One of the people here sends out
surveys via access databases through e-mail, and then the results are
manually compiled into an excel worksheet.  I was thinking of using PHP to
have a single web interface.  The only problem is the excel worksheet.  Is
there anyway to use mail to add an attachment to an outgoing e-mail?

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