[thelist] Has anybody used Clientele (a CRM)?

Shaun M. Anderson ShaunAnderson at smarttech.com
Mon Jun 4 11:41:38 CDT 2001

The company I work for uses Clientele to manage customer relationships.
 From what I've heard it is just a front-end for a database. It can use
Access, MS SQL Server, etc.  We run it on SQL Server 7 (or so I've been

My question is this:

If I want to put information straight from a web form into the database, do
I need to go through Clientele? Or can I just dump it straight into the

I'm not sure if Clientele keeps track of the information when it is entered,
or when it is called from the database. 

I've looked around for information on this program, and as far as I can tell
it's almost non-existent.

This is pretty much my last shot before I actually talk to somebody in IS.
(Not something that I'm looking forward to)


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