[thelist] Site redirect check : old browser

Mark Cheng mark.cheng at ranger.com.au
Tue Jun 5 00:09:05 CDT 2001


Oops - I've commented out the comment.  Would you please be kind enough to
try it again?  Did you manually navigate to the nobrows page or did the site
jump you there?

>>>JS error, line 6, syntax error:
>>>(you need //-->, you forgot to comment the comment)

thanks - fixed that.

>>>JS error, lin 23:
>>>init is not defined

damn - you aren't supposed to get this far.

>>>- there is no link to proceed anyway...

there is on the non complying browser page.

>>>- "These standards are designed to ensure that the web surfing
>>>experience is consistent across all browsers, and computer
>>>types."  well, then why won't it work in NN3?

NN3 is not standards compliant.

>>>- "Your browser is not w3C compliant, and therefore will not display
>>>our page correctly."  you do understand that the user doesn't give a
>>>moose's nut about the W3C, assuming the user's even heard of it...
>>>and this text could be refined to sound a bit less haughty... in fact,
>>>all the copy needs to be cleaned up to not offend the user...

Thanks for the comment.  I agree - we need to clean up the wording a bit so
we don't offend the user with the wording.
However, we give a moose's nut about compliance with standards so if the
user gets offended by our compliance - tough.


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