[thelist] Rounding Corners

Steve Cook steve.cook at evitbe.com
Tue Jun 5 07:53:01 CDT 2001

Warning: IANAD (I Am Not A Designer)

I would do the following in Photoshop:

Mark a selection on a blank background.

Go into the menu  Select->Modify->Smooth and pick a number of pixels to
"smooth" the selection by.

Then simply fill into the selection the colour you require. (Edit->Fill)

TaDa! A block of colour with curved corners.

An alternative without Photoshop is to use the Select tool to sleect a
circle and use that to "chop away" the corners from a square. That's a
little more awkward, but can be done in a pinch.

I'm sure the real designers have other methods of doing this, but I thought
I would answer a design question for once in my life ;-)


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> Does anyone know how to create images with rounding corners?  
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> the menu tabs at the top of http://www.stand.org.

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