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Mark Cheng mark.cheng at ranger.com.au
Tue Jun 5 23:12:31 CDT 2001


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>Designing to standards and then kicking out the people who don't
>support standards misses the POINT of designing to standards. A good
>standards-compliant site should work in almost all browsers, even if
>it doesn't LOOK perfect in some of them! :)

How is a standard compliant site supposed to work in a browser which does
not support standards? eg DOM?  If I use getElementById, which is in the DOM
standard, should I insert non standard code so the site works? eg
document.all, document.layers?

If the site uses CSSP only, then I agree - it will degrade and using
positioning it will degrade nicely. However, I think that misses the point -
standard compliance means compliance with all standards, not just the ones
people can see.


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