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Wed Jun 6 09:20:54 CDT 2001

Mark Cheng,

Oh dear!  I have to play "mom" again.........

Deke and Aardvark are probably two of the most experienced people around,
with wide areas of knowledge.  (Certainly not to insult any one else on the
list (!)).  Why do you post a site here asking for input - if you have your
mind set and have no intention of considering what all these experienced
designer/developers are trying to tell you?

The "usability" issues are critical!  I've used this simple example before,
so apologies to everyone who has read it before:  Suppose you go to a new
restaurant in town.  You step up to the host and he asks you what kind of
car you drive.....well, you car isn't on his list of "acceptable" vehicles
for their taste, so sorry, they won't serve you.  "Please leave before we
call security."

This is the attitude you're taking with your customers or potential
customers.  And people here are offended because it IS rude and arrogant .
I doubt your superiors would be impressed if they saw this entire thread.
Which portion of their customers would they let you alienate?  The 5% with a
couple million in revenues?  You might want to check with your board on that

Please take this in the helpful manner it was meant,


<tip type="client management">
After being frustrated with ACT and other various client database programs
that restrict what I want to do, I'm developing my OWN with PHP!  At any
later date when I realize there's a whole other dimension I want to be able
to keep track of, I can just add a new table, and cruise along.  And it's
all web enabled, so my partners/cohorts can post their comments and progress
as well!

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