[thelist] partnering

A. Erickson amanda at gawow.com
Wed Jun 6 16:46:19 CDT 2001

> jumping in, i'd say you'd have to be in slightly different areas
> for this to
> work anyway - a 'you do killer print/image work, i make fab web
> sites' kinda
> thing.

I absolutely agree. This seems pretty basic to me. Nowhere did I assert that
we were in the same business.

> otherwise, why would they be interested in partnering with
> you in the
> first place?

Well, I guess that is the question for the person being approached. Any

What *I* want is the opportunity to do some fun work. This person has some
interesting clients who could use my services. I have a working relationship
with this person.

I think those of us who have become freelancers due to the dotcom fallout
need to get creative about our business and how we're going to do it.
Networking is key, yes, which is what I am doing. However, sometimes you
need to plant the idea in someone's head which is what I am trying to do
here. Nothing wrong with being brazen is there?

<tip type="networking" author="amanda erickson">
1. Talk to everyone about what you are doing and what you are wanting to do.
2. Always ask for a business card, it give you the opportunity to hand out
3. Follow up a meeting with someone new by emailing them from the address on
their business card -- you could send a link to something that you were
talking about or simply let them know that it was nice meeting them.
4. Don't talk ill of your profession or others in the business if you can
help it -- the person you're talking to will remember that as a negative.
5. People like to help others out, to recommend someone for a job or to give
out tips -- let them!

- amanda

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