[thelist] Flash "comments"?

sales at iibiz.com sales at iibiz.com
Thu Jun 7 20:36:08 CDT 2001

> Also removed the comments from the flash section...and will look at the
flash thing!

Well, no one answered my post about that.  I'm curious for my own benefit
too!  I saw yours and thought, oh god, if the search engines pick up on
that, they'll bounce the site!  But then I saw that it was commented out -
so I'm not sure that the SE's will see it - got me wondering.......maybe
some one will still respond.

> So...cute tell me that I need to work on my professional look!?  Do you
> anything specific you would comment I work on?

Oh, I think it DOES look professional - just pointing out odds 'n
ends.....ooooooh........I like the way you set up the hosting plans page
with pop-ups for descriptions.  (In the pop-ups, maybe remove some of the
<br>s or spacing so there's no scrollbar, or specify it.)

See, now you got me poking around more......on the "Web Design" page, the
"Don't make me think" link is broken.

On the "Sales Contact Form" - should say "we will RESPOND", not response.
And COMMENT, not commet.  Same on ALL the forms.

Aren't you sorry you prodded me further?!?!

> Thanks again for your time...I totally appreciate it!  I am webperson
> (female)...just hate that Webmaster...Webmistress thing!

Well, sorry - Webgoddess is taken!  By moi!  LOL!


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