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Martin McCarthy roland at ninehells.org
Fri Jun 8 00:07:35 CDT 2001

A 'box' refers to a computer, as in a Unix box, a Linux box, an NT box, etc.
I didn't see the original email, but it might be possible to do what he
describes if you have a shell account(telnet access to a command line(which
is like a DOS prompt) unix based interface).

Hope this helps,
Martin McCarthy

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> Daniel wrote: If you have access to a Unix box with sendmail, a *very* easy
> way to do
> it is like so: Create a file called mail.html with contents something
> like this:
> dumb question coming: how do you know if you have access to a unix box? Does
> this mean where your email pop3 account is held?
> Also all those lines of header code. Where do you put those? There are no
> fields for this that I can see straight away in Outlook. So where are they
> hidden or am I supposed to be writing this in something else?
> And where is the command line?
> Sorry, email is not my strong point!
> Thanks
> Lisa.
> Ps. Thanks to everyone who has replied with suggestions. This will be a
> small learning project for the weekend!
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