[thelist] Re: reports of no images on Mac...

Cayley Vos cvos at netpaths.net
Fri Jun 8 20:55:16 CDT 2001

I think I see your problem.  Browsers such as netscape, tend to have problems with funky characters
like apostrophies and spaces.  different systems render them differently.  stay away from them and
you should have no problems.


the above is bad news

-- -----------
 just finished a small database driven site for an artist.
the URL: http://www.dianalehr.com
Some mac users are reporting that they click on the thumbnails, go to a nerw
page, but dont' see the large image.

It works for me, the code validates, all the images are on teh server, and
this is like, the simplest page in the world...hardly more than an image

What could be the problem?

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