[thelist] printed publicity for websites

aardvark roselli at earthlink.net
Sat Jun 16 12:08:47 CDT 2001

> From: "ah : pook" <ahpook at olografix.org>
>  i refer to both common commercial
> advertising campaign with posters or tv/radio
> spots and indipendent low-budget adhesives or
> photocopied flyers/a4 announces
>  are they a consolidated reality where you
> do live? which is the average target (newbies or
> www accustomed)? which sites produce such
> campaigns? and *which is the tone*?

yes, i have seen those campaigns... i've seen traditional marketing 
campaigns (print, ads, billboards, tv, radio, etc.) and i have seen 
guerrilla campaigns (stickers, flyers, handbills, etc.)...

the type of campaign, as well as the tone, is always determined by 
the site... a place in toronto advertises on the radio almost 
exclusively because they know the demographics of the audience 
for the radio station and their site, and they mesh perfectly...

some places use their regular ads to support their web presence, 
primarily because it's always worked for them...

the guerrilla ones are interesting because they target the sub-
cultures... a saw a local punk-zine start up by advertising their 
presence on lamp posts and bike racks all over town, then some 
stickers appeared on buildings, cars, etc... and then handbills at 
local shows...

overall, tailor your advertising campaign to your audience, just as 
you would do for your site design...

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