[thelist] Database Design

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Sun Aug 5 20:34:51 CDT 2001

> I have put together some tables and their relationships in Access
> (although the final database is to be designed in mySQL) and saved
> out a snapshot and am hoping someone out there could give me
> some advice (I can send the snapshot file to anyone who would like
> to see the design, but appreciate that 'the list' does not take
> attachments).

hi derry

please let me have a shot at it

and congrats for doing so many things right -- planning for sql/server,
using msaccess to prepare the model, extracting the design as a snapshot, 
not attaching it to your post to thelist...

<tip type="lurker-friendly">
instead of emailing the snapshot to individual people who respond to your
request, upload your design as an image to a web site somewhere and post
the url, so that many of us can have a look, even if we aren't quite ready
to offer to comment...


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