[thelist] [OT] Spam?

spinhead evolt at spinhead.com
Tue Aug 7 10:04:24 CDT 2001

as with aardvark, i received it at an address i don't use for the list, so
this wasn't the source in my case

<tip type="time management thru e-mail control">
Mailing lists cluttering your inbox and distracting you every time a new
message comes in? Set up a separate e-mail address for lists, and only check
it when you have time to read. Also, most e-mail clients will allow you to
filter the messages and automatically delete those which don't contain a
selected list of subjects (which could be your favorite programming
language, another list member's name, or whatever makes you happy.)


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> I had it in my Inbox this AM and considered asking the group if I was the
> only one-  apparently I'm not.
> BH
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> >
> > i got this very piece of spam last night, however, despite what it
> > says (that it found my email address on a listserv), and despite
> > how easy it is to believe it came from posting here, it actually
> > came to an email address i've never used for this list...
> >
> > so, in my case at least, they didn't harvest my address from this
> > list...

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