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Robert Goodyear rob_goodyear at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 9 15:48:44 CDT 2001

Since you've emptied the working DIR, maybe you could build a custom 404 page in ASP or
your favorite scripting language that redirects the asset request to the root.

No guarantees at ALL, but a 404 errordoc that's something like this MIGHT work. Then
change your 404 doc in your server to point to this 404.asp.

**CAUTION** You'd have to test correctly to make sure you don't get an endless loop for a
true 404 type response.

strQueryString = LCase(Request.ServerVariables("Query_String"))
strRequestedURL = replace(strQueryString, "404;", "")
URL = replace(strRequestedURL, "http://www.applebycolorlab.com/_working1/" , "")
Response.Redirect(("http://www.applebycolorlab.com/" & URL))

Hope that helps.


--- Rob Oviatt <rgoviatt at nbnet.nb.ca> wrote:
> I goofed!!
> This afternoon I sent out my company's newsletter and forgot to change the 
> <base href> I put in the document to point to the live version of our 
> site.  It is pointing to the working version.  We've reissued the 
> newsletter with a brief explanation, apology, and emptied the working 
> directory.  But I'm curious if there is a way of redirecting the requests 
> to our working directory to the live site.
> Both the live and working version are run in parallel directories located 
> in the wwwroot folder.  The working version is mapped to be a subdirectory 
> of the live site. Meaning the live site is accessed using 
> http://www.applebycolorlab.com/ and the working is accessed using 
> http://www.applebycolorlab.com/_working1/ .  ( I didn't setup the server 
> this way, but have learned to live with it)
> We're running IIS 4 on NT4 with SP6
> Thanks
> Rob Oviatt
> Web Developer / Typesetter
> Appleby Color Lab
> phone: (506) 459-2320
> email: applebyweb at nb.aibn.com
> web site: http://www.applebycolorlab.com/
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