[thelist] CSS diff - IE, NN, Mozilla, Opera

Kevin krr at ix.netcom.com
Fri Aug 10 13:56:52 CDT 2001

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> Subject: [thelist] CSS diff - IE, NN, Mozilla, Opera
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> I'm brain-dead and going on vacation, so I may be missing something
> Just added some linkage to our site
> http://www.magisnetworks.com
> and in Netscape and Opera, the links under the three headings aren't
> up the style, but the headings work fine in all four browers I tested.
> Here's the stylesheet for perusal:
> http://www.magisnetworks.com/magis.css
> thank you so very much
> spinhead

Netscape 4+ won't pickup the styles for links.
Underline, color change on hover etc.
This changed with the release of NN 6.

I am sure you read about this but If you place the the three
Titles:    News     Events    Jobs

into its own sub table you can apply your background to it so
that Netscape will properly display it in the 4+ versions.

Can't comment on Opera as I still need to install it.

Nice page!



If your looking for materials to get you really moving into CSS you will
want to take at the bookwritten by:
E. Meyer
Cascading Style Sheets
    the definitive guide

It covers everything you need to know to create clean fast effective markup
for most browsers using CSS 1. It also gives you the heads up on what to
avoid in the non-compliant CSS browsers. For greater detail into the
of CSS 2 you will need to look else where but there are very few places that
you can apply it so I don't concern myself with it at this time.


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