[thelist] remote file management system

kristina kristina at kfx-design.co.uk
Mon Aug 20 05:01:58 CDT 2001


  I have tried looking for the following problem, but I'm not sure I'm
  using the right keywords...

  I work for a small company of 5, we all work remotely, and we
  constantly run into the 'accidentally overwriting each other'
  problem.  And as i'm quite sure we're not the only people on the
  planet to have this problem, i thought i would ask and see if anyone
  on the list has a good solution for this.

  Basically we need (in effect) something that monitors who has which
  file open, and locking it to all others.  It has to be automatic and
  very simple....

  Does anyone have any ideas?

kristina at kfx-design.co.uk

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