[thelist] CF5/Verity Search

Susan Wallace susanhw at webcastle.com
Thu Aug 23 09:05:35 CDT 2001


I recently re-built a Web site and have set it up to include a header file 
that reads a variable from the content to get the title of the page. Before 
I went too far with that, I setup a Verity search for one of the folders of 
the site. When I get my result set from the search, the pages do not return 
the title of the document because it was not indexed as if it had been 
loaded in a browser. I was not sure that the Verity engine worked that way, 
and the documentation for 5 is not very clear on that aspect. Before I go 
back and re-do the way these pages are built, is there something I missed? 
Is there a switch I can flip that makes Verity spider the pages as if it 
followed a link and therefore generate the titles for the pages?

I don't think it's a K2 server issue, the docs mention a "Verity Zone 
Filter" (page 271). I can't find any other mention of that so I'm not 
perfectly clear on what it is.

FYI this collection will not include pdf, doc or anything other than .cfm 
or .html pages. I do understand where the TITLE information comes from. :)


Susan Wallace

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