[thelist] Unfinished but live, site critique please...

the head lemur headlemur at clearskymail.com
Tue Sep 4 10:01:59 CDT 2001

> Hit me with your best shot, I look forward to it!

A Glossary of terminology would be extremely helpful.
It doesn't matter that I don't work for a company who uses your
technologies, I may know someone who does.

You have all the toys from soup to nuts, parts, monitoring equipment,
services, software and contact information.

The value proposition is unclear.
an explanation of the savings, in energy consumption, monitoring for
savings, the value to companies in terms of safety to their employees by a
comprehensive program of tracing and monitoring.
The corollary here is that your company has a nice safety record, but do the
companies you sell to have significant savings in these areas as well?

Cost analysis of savings using your products/services.

The engineers will probably understand your site, but the bean counters need
to understand why they are gonna write the check.

the only thing that I see is the
page does not have the menu on the left like the rest of the site.

nice presentation though.

the head lemur
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