[thelist] Unfinished but live, site critique please...

joseph gannon ganemanrussell at yahoo.com
Tue Sep 4 16:05:20 CDT 2001

Hi Jay

First off I like the colors.red and white is very

The top horizontal is merely a tag line that I mistook
for a nav bar and thus tried to click it. Although the
tag line is effective I dont see the need to repeat

I didnt at first realize there were news articles
under the logo. For instance, instead of having the
logo to open a new article, why not put a feature
article on the home page? IN the feature article,
"Steam Tracing for Energy Conservation", you have
"more" at the bottom. I do agree its good to split up
longer articles, but the navigation structure forces
the user to read the article from beginning to end.
Instead, it would be better to put the subdivisions to
each section at the top or left side of the article so
users can access only the pieces they wish to see. I
have sometimes been told by marketing "the reader
should read the article from beginning to end" but
that forces the user to do something they may not want
to do. I would also try to make the articles more
scannable with the use of bullets. At the end of the
article, there should be something that encourages the
user to take action. For example: "See our latest
products aboout this technology, (or) learn how to
buy. I am not sure what the appropriate action the
user should take here ..but it should be more than
just reading the article. (I used to work for an
energy consulting firm, and even engineers like to do
more than just read.)

I think it should be evident that you have copy
underneath. I would prefer a different color scheme
for your active and visited links, since the color
black is used for both visited links and article

I really like that you put the company address and
phone directly on the home page. A suggestion. At the
company I previously worked at, people would always
call the company for directions. Sure they can use
Mapquest, but perhaps you could put a link somewhere
there for directions to your facility.

Hope this helps

Joe gannon
--- "J. Blanchard" <jay.blanchard at thermon.com> wrote:
> Morning Gurus!
> I don't know how many of you had actually seen the
> other web site for my company, so I won't ask you to
> compare old to new ("I know the new is better!",
> modestly he says"). Our company caters to a very
> verticle and engineering based crowd, please keep
> that in mind.
> http://www.thermon.com
> Hit me with your best shot, I look forward to it!
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> Web Development Manager
> Thermon Manufacturing Company
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