[thelist] design critique

Ross Lynch kernel at esatclear.ie
Wed Sep 5 04:26:02 CDT 2001


> http://members.evolt.org/lindsay/

Using IE 5.5 on Win2k

The site looks lovely. Colours are very pleasing to
the eye IMO. Loads fairly instantly. The liquid
width of the boxes is nice too.

Are you only supposed to be able to see half the
header text with the boxes overlapping? It's kinda
annoying, even though you can tell what they are.

For the "FREELANCE WEB GEEK" text under your logo,
I'd change the colour within the stroke to white,
rather than yellow (or maybe just a lighter
yellow) - it's a little difficult to read on a high

> Things to do:
>  - convert all images to png
>  - maybe add a logo type thingy to the
> top lhs corner (I'm thinking a
> thumbprint in the same colour as the 2px
>    keyline running behind the header graphic)

I think that would look nice, especially if it came
right down over the keyline...

>  - maybe change the colour of the
> rollover state of the menu items

I think they look good already... what colour were
you considering changing to?


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