[thelist] Oracle learning curve?

Todd Tyler todd_tyler at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 5 16:38:19 CDT 2001

In my opinion, it's a huge leap.

I've some experience working with Oracle, mostly through ODBC which makes
the differences from any other database pretty transparent.

However, I've noticed that DB admins I've worked with before have required
lots of training and experience to be able to successfully work with Oracle
databases on the admin side. It seems like you have to have a full-time,
dedicated Oracle admin to have a database that is consistently fast and
stable, with a long uptime. Also, the tools that come with Oracle seem more
cumbersome to use (on Windows, at least) than the ones that come with SQL

Oracle just seems to me to be big, hairy and complex to work with.

That said, I think it's always a great idea to pick up new skills. Just know
that Oracle has a pretty steep learning curve.

Just my opinion.


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From: "Frank" <framar at interlog.com>

> I'm thinking of adding Oracle to my learning curve. I've already got
> experience with Access, MySQL, FileMakerPro, 4D. Just how big of a
> leap to oracle is this?

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