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Date: Thu, 06 Sep 2001 00:09:31 -0500
From: Susan Wallace <susanhw at webcastle.com>
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Subject: redirection based on domain 


I have a client hosted at (everyone's favorite) Interland. My client 
recently purchased a new domain name to promote a book they published. At 
the moment, the new domain is pointed at the "old domain" because what they 
wanted to do was have the new domain point to a specific page within their 
current side using redirection.

The server is CF enabled, and is running IIS 5.0. I know that it makes more 
sense to do this server-side, however the folks at Interland told my client 
that they could not do that, as "the webmaster needed to setup the script 
to redirect instead." (And yes, I realize that it only takes 3 clicks.. )

Using CF, I can determine the value of CGI.SERVER_NAME and redirect based 
on that, however, this seems too easy.

Here is my thinking:

User types in www.abc.com
index.cfm is the main page in the site, this triggers the Application.cfm 
page (I am not using ANY CF on this site at all - this would be the only 
within Application.cfm, I have

<CFLOCATION URL="http://www.abc.com/newbook/index.html">

Now, in this case, the main home page was index.html, so I renamed it to 
index.cfm. This caused an issue with links in the site, so now I have this:

index.html - loads by default - within that page is a META Refresh to send 
to index.cfm

index.cfm - main page of the site (calls Application.cfm to check domain 
name and redirect if applicable)

Now... is there any instance where a browser would not support the META 

Is there another way to do this that doesn't skew log reporting and 
possible exclusion of visitors because of the Refresh?

I chose to use CF here because that's what I know, but I am not "married" 
to it if there is a more graceful solution.


Susan Wallace

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