[thelist] cross browser dhtml help wanted

Michael Pemberton mpember at phreaker.net
Thu Sep 6 11:00:33 CDT 2001

Check out some of the DHTML API's about.  I've used a few and here are
some links:

DynAPI (http://dynapi.sourgeforge.net/)
The original and most tested.  Great for those who already know a bit
about programming and just want a short cut for DHTML coding.  All the
Cross Browser tweaks are done for you.

AfroAPI (http://members.evolt.org/mpember/afroapix/)
My own version of the DynAPI.  I have made a few tweaks and these have
come at the cost of some browser compatability.

DOMLib (http://www.dynamic-core.net/tools/domlib/index.htm)
Another Offshoot of the DynAPI.  This time he went for size (<4k).  This
guy is a GOD when it comes to DHTML.  the DOMLib only works in
IE5+/Moz6+ (hence the DOM in the name :P)

jelle desramaults wrote:
> Evolters,
> I just started playing around with DHTML, my firstborn works great in IE,
> but sux0rs on NS.
> Any of you feel like taking a peek and giving me some pointers  as to what i
> need to do to get ma baby cross browser accessible ? (i don't have a clue
> .)
> http://www.sitekick.be/testarea/b3.html
> muchos gracias, jelle
> Jelle Desramaults
> www.sitekick.be
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