[thelist] query string manipulation

Joe Crawford jcrawford at avencom.com
Fri Sep 7 12:11:17 CDT 2001

".jeff" wrote:
> or search engine expert isn't here right now to ask, but i can comment on
> one of them.  google will index either style of url.  it's even willing to
> index sites using conventional querystrings.  however, our logs have shown
> that it indexes more ravenously the closer you get to a pure directory
> structure.  we've also seen relevancy increase as we've approached the pure
> directory structure.  i have no proof for these findings other than our own
> experience here at work, but they're obvious enough for me to believe it to
> be the case.

My employer uses fuse - so I'm real interested in issues like this. To
answer the original question -- one way to fake a querystring it to use
the  <CF_FORMURL2ATTRIBUTES> custom tag - it's described here (and many
other places I suppose):

Jeff, your experience is interesting, but perplexing. There may be other
issues impacting the behavior you saw, again perplexing.

I have to say, Apache's mod_rewrite kicks ass, and if someone provided
functionality comparable for IIS I'd be a very happy man. All this
mucking about in the programming seems lost time given the power of
mod_rewrite. I find it frustrating that there's nothing comparable for
IIS side.

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