[thelist] layered jpg's in NN 4.7

Benny Degezelle Jommeke_flip at hotmail.com
Thu Sep 13 03:50:49 CDT 2001


I'm making this site for myself just to learn/understand some dhtml.
I made a scrollable layer in which i load a HTML page that contains a series
of href'd jpg's.

It all used to work fine and as well in IE 5 as in NN 4.7, but all of the
sudden, NN 4.7 doesn't give the jpg's anymore, but some sort of ascii code,
like this ;
Äèè°³±²_ÞÑ<ÛÞ>ýÒ#â| >
Üö-ÄÓ¨LÙ[qõ*ãõLoíG.I(ÙT¸zlO88í­hÍ °û[.ã*ð\zT¢E:-

i rly hope anybody has a clue, because i don't.
funny note; it works just fine offline...

tnx in advance,

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