[thelist] NYC/DC Tragedy

Tami tami at leaper.net
Thu Sep 13 12:21:35 CDT 2001

This is off-topic, too - but it is very interesting - alarming

We found an interesting/scary post on a newsgroup.   The writer predicted
catastrophe for the US on 8/31 and the subject line was 911.  On 9/4, the
writer said it would happen in 7 days and that he/she will no longer be
around.  (We already sent it to the FBI)

We copied the most relevant parts  http://leaper.net/newsgroup_message.shtml
and bolded them in red, so you know what we are referring to.

On the page, there is a link to the original newsgroup site.

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I know this is off topic, but I think this somes how our nation feels at
this point..


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