[thelist] layered jpg's in NN 4.7

James Aylard webmaster at equilon-mrc.com
Thu Sep 13 10:08:33 CDT 2001


> <DIV id="tipDiv" style=
> "position:absolute; visibility:hidden; z-index:100"><DIV id="tipDiv"
> Ttyle=
> "position:absolute; visibility:hidden; z-index:100"></DIV>
> Also, check the spelling of style in the second tag. : )

    Actually, the apparent duplication and misspelling are probably done by
Netscape Navigator itself. Under certain conditions, this appears when tags
contain inline style declarations (such as the one above) and are
dynamically generated. As the apparent result of a programming hack,
Netscape 4.x seems to duplicate the element and misspell "style" with a
capital "T" in the second, dynamically generated element. This appears only
in the *rendered* code (viewed when selecting View > Page Source from the
menu, or selecting View Source from the right-click context menu), so you
won't see it in the raw source if you use the view-source: protocol.
    Although I'm not certain that it has all of its facts straight, see
http://www.kegel.com/jbug.html for more information and some examples.

James Aylard

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