[thelist] [fwd] Javascript and the LINK Element

Richard Bennett mail at richardinfo.com
Thu Sep 13 16:56:37 CDT 2001

Using <link> shouldn't be any slower, and has the advantage that the .js
files stay in the browsers cache, and are only downloaded once. So your page
is faster on return visits, and on pages sharing the same script.


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> I am curious what the best way, performance wise, would be to use =
> Javascript in a web page.  I have a library of dozens of Javascript =
> functions that I have written or found, and use them frequently, but =
> almost always just cut and paste them into a <SCRIPT> tag.  I have been =
> thinking about organizing the functions into .js files based by =
> function, kind of like C header files, and then using the <LINK> element =
> to call them.  What kind of performance hit would I end up taking if I =
> did this, other then downloading larger  files sizes.  Would I be better =
> off using a SSI call?
> Thanks,
> James Wampler
> james.wampler at hotpop.com
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