[thelist] CDONTS again - can't send mail from a subdirectory?

spinhead evolt at spinhead.com
Fri Sep 14 17:13:42 CDT 2001

CDONTS on Win2K - have a 3rd party app that's basically ASP pages accessing
a database. I've added a bit of code to send an e-mail every time a certain
page is hit (to be modified eventually to include the info just posted by
the user.)

Except the mail dumps into the badmail folder with this error:
Unable to deliver this message because the follow error was encountered:
"Error is processing file in pickup directory.".

The specific error code was 0xC00402CE.
I've even copied my testmail.asp page (which works right now in the root of
the web) to the subfolder, and it won't send.

Any ideas?


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