[thelist] CFHTTP/HTTP headers

Daniel Fettinger dsf at zeroDEF.com
Fri Sep 14 19:22:32 CDT 2001

I'm encountering what I believe to be a limitation in CFHTTP in CF 
v4.51SP2. I need to POST to another site, but need to alter the HTTP header 
to do so. So I suppose my question is twofold:

1) Can CFHEADER add http header information to a CFHTTP post? If yes, howso?
2) If this is indeed a limitation of CFHTTP, and I am unable to alter the 
header using this tag, can someone point me to where I could find a copy of 
CFX_HTTP? http://www.fsc.follett.com/company/cf/ seems to no longer be in 

Additionally, do the documented problems with CFHTTP and SSL on Windows 
also appear on Solaris?

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