[thelist] Dynamic sites and search engines

Peter peter at vardus.com
Mon Sep 17 05:53:26 CDT 2001

>The info I'm looking for also, is how to actually build the architecture of
>a dynamic site properly from the get-go to make it search engine friendly.
>Making the URLs friendly is good, but I want a good backbone behind it all
>as well. I'm feeling this sudden need to do things right, I guess.

In that case, there are a few things to consider:
- URL's (you've got those)
- what content do you want searchable. You probably don't want all your 
content indexed in the SE's. Decide for which keywords and what content you 
want to be in the SE's, and then focus on that content.
- once you have that content, you can decide to make pages that are very 
indexable (i.e. having specific words in the title, <h1> tags and the body 
text helps. Architecture wise, you probably want a way to generate 
different page titles for each page (very important). If you want to be 
clever and have lots of articles for example, you can write a function that 
filters out strange, unusual words from the article that get repeated at 
least twice (so you need a long list of common words to exlude, include any 
word that starts with a capital and doesn't start a sentence) and make 
those into keywords, i.e. make sure they are repeated in the meta tags and 
the title and <h1> tags of the page. Like this you can build a long list of 
pages that are optimized for non-common words. (competing on common words 
is very hard, non common words is easy!)
Another issue: make sure these pages can be found at the top of your site 
hierarchy: level 2 or 3.

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