[thelist] html email stats

Bruce Heerssen bruce at heerssen.com
Mon Sep 17 08:29:16 CDT 2001

Peter wrote:

> Hi,
> where can I find statistics on who can receive HTML emails anywhere? 
> And what does it depend on?
> thanks!
> Peter
Well, I don't know - sorry ;)

But I thought I should mention this:

While most modern email clients support html embedded email, they do so 
in a very non-standard fashion. To complicate matters, they all fail in 
different ways. Javascript is very iffy and forms may not work in 
exactly the manner you think they should. IOW, be very careful with HTML 
email and if you must use it, stay far away from even the simplest 
whiz-bang features such as mouseovers and CSS.

May I suggest a well written text email with links?


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