[thelist] Interland/ Innerhost

Nicole Parrot nicole at parrot.ca
Mon Sep 17 19:10:59 CDT 2001

Funny you should be mentionning Innerhost, cause we're moving OUT of

We've had numerous problems with them lately, namely a sporadic incapacity
to FTP in, Visual Interdev Support being very iffy, stats for one site being
turned off without warning, and the most annoying of them all, the
incapacity to send outgoing mail one day out of two.


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From: "phil crawford" <crawford_phil at hotmail.com>
> I've been moving my Interland sites to InnerHost this year.
> InnerHost is _so_ much better than Interland it is mind-numbing.  I've had
> no problems with InnerHost at all.  None.
> I used Interland the past couple years for a variety of sites.  Interland
> amazingly, outrageously awful.

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