[thelist] embarrassingly stupid XHTML questions

rudy r937 at interlog.com
Mon Sep 17 19:19:14 CDT 2001

>... Those tags won't validate under XHTML Strict. 
> Whether they work or not is another matter entirely, 
> but the document won't be considered valid Strict XHTML.

you can understand why someone trying to learn xhtml is going
to wonder "so, what's the point of the doctype then?"

why am i not surprised that internet explorer and netscape are forgiving
(rhetorical question)

does anyone know of browsers that display strict as strict?

personally, i found the switch to xhtml strict quite easy --
frustrating at times, but pretty straightforward

also, see this article --

  The XHTML Transition: It's not that difficult

the rumour that you have to give up tables for layout 
to use xhtml is not true


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