[thelist] Open Source licence for web site source code

Andy Warwick andy.war at ntlworld.com
Wed Sep 19 12:07:47 CDT 2001

Anyone know where I can find a model open source licence for web site source

I need something in legal speak that basically says:

1. It's okay to read this xHTML, etc. code.
2. It's fine to re-use bits of it in other sites as long as you retain a
credit to those bits that are mine. It's fine to sell those bits as part of
a new whole.
3. You can't take all this code and sell it verbatim as your own.
4. I retain right to re-use bits of it, but you (client) have worldwide,
exclusive rights to the specific "business model"/"application" that this
code creates.

What I want is a situation where someone can look at my code and learn from
it, modify it themselves, give it to other designers to modify, etc. Even
take bits of it and use in in stuff they charge for and keep secret, as long
as I get a credit.

Equally, I don't want to lose all rights to it, and yet want to protect
clients so I can continue to use bits as long as I don't simply sell the
same code again and again to their competitors.

Basically, I create a website for a client at which point they "own the
code" and can do what the hell they like, but they don't restrict my rights
to sell a derived work to someone else. But I want to make sure that once
the site is up, the client has to credit me with the code creation, even if
they own it now. Something like I grant them exclusive, worldwide rights to
code and derived works for that "complete site", but retain the rights to do
the same again with other "complete sites" and other clients with code that
replicates minor portions of the first site. So their "exclusive" rights is
for the whole thing and not specific bits.

Make sense?

I think a BSD-style licence does the trick, but wondered if anyone has one
written specifically for websites that they don't mind me using.

Thanks in anticipation.

Andy W

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