[thelist] I hate Fireworks

travis forden tlforden at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 9 15:29:06 CDT 2001

in addition to what others have said, you can do plenty with Fireworks. for 
the price, i love it. you can export PNG files as JPEG, GIF, PNG8, 24, 32, 
TIFF, BMP. You can even optimize certain areas as JPG and others as GIF and 
still others as something else. you can also save a part of a JPG at a high 
resolution and the rest of it at a lower resolution (in v4 at least).

Try "export" under file and see the toolbox for Windows > Optimize.


At 04:11 pm 2001-10-09, you wrote:
><kicking and screaming>
>After four blissful years of using Paint Shop Pro, I'm now faced with
>learning Macromedia Fireworks for creating web graphics. Am I completely
>NUTS, or does this program approach the task of creating web graphics
>entirely differently than PSP?
>My stupid question of the day is this: why is .png the only file format
>available in Save-As in Fireworks?? And how do I convert a .png to a gif
>file later?? Or... should I not WANT to create a gif file anymore now that I
>have this new and (apparently) wonderful tool at my disposal??
></kicking and screaming>
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