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The Optimizer chrism at puffofsmoke.net
Fri Oct 12 10:53:40 CDT 2001


> ASP is the one I use - but i used to use javascript
> all the time.

I currently use ASP, because that's the technology that the client desires.
I'm also using a lot of javascript at the moment, but that's because I'm
building an intranet with a tightly controlled client environment. Again,
these are the wishes of the client. IMHO there is a world of difference
between a client with a cast-iron brief, and a client who wants advice on
how to proceed with a particular project.

> issues with flash is we charge more for it - an its not really a great way
> of expressing a corporate image, and what about the people who don't have
> flash - detecting and redirecting depending upon if you have flash or not
> can be long winded - i use flash to an extent - an intro bit and scattered

As an aside, I can't really see how the re-direction would be long-winded
(see tip).

> reasonable sized movies and if you haven't got flash installed
> then you get
> a animated gif image.

I never use Flash unless coerced. I didn't mean that I consider it a good
idea to use Flash; merely that if one "must" use a technology that isn't
universally accessible Flash and Java can be a lot more pertinent to the
project in hand rather than JavaScript.

> So are you saying that you do not use javascript heavily or not at all?

It totally depends on the environment in which I am working. I would agree
that a lot of JavaScript can be "cool", but "cool" doesn't *necessarily* pay
the bills. In fact in many cases "cool" can cost you both in the short and
long terms.

> concentrate on flash? hmmm...flash, nice fancy - but i find can
> be extremely
> pointless if all your after is info.

I couldn't agree more.

For quick and effective re-direction when the user does not have the
relevant Flash plugin, simply place an invisible flash movie containing
nothing but a redirect to another page (containing the real Flash content)
on a page with a META REFRESH value of about 3 to 5 seconds. Display text or
an animated GIF of your choice on the page stating "Testing For Flash
Plugin". Voila!


Chris Marsh

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