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> > ... cause the CSS to not display for the
> > entire page in NN4.7? It works fine in IE, no problems, but in NN4.7,
> > when this table is nested within the main table, it blows the CSS.
> When
> > I delete the table, like magic it fixes it and displays normally. I
> > can't spot the error. Can anyone else?
> >
> > tia
> >
> > Matt
> >
> > <!--The Code******************************************-->
> etc...
> Page Healer: try using <span>s
> within your <td>s rather than applying them directly to the <td>.
> Perry G.: NN gets befuddled with a mixture of style and
> <font> tags.
> Sam: using _ (underscore) in your classnames could be at least part of
> it.
> All of the above, and I would like to add that you have padding-top etc.
> in your style sheet, that will cause old NN to blow it also in some
> cases.

TYME} A few points (based on NN4.5 -- my test NN4.x browser):
1. I have not found styling TD to be a problem (TR and TABLE, yes).
2. Have not found mixing <font> tags and styles an issue -- of course, I
almost never use <font>.

TYME} Noted NN4.x css issues:
1. border styles
2. line height
3. padding (inline elements)


TYME} Also, apparently, the underscore character is a problem for Opera.
So, the replacement of "_" with "-" sounds like a worthwhile investment all

TYME} Other notes:
1. "0" values do not take a measurement.  margin: 0;   not margin:0px;
2.  Good idea to use a generic font family (wondering why you omit it from
some styles?)

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