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DSN-less will be faster if you plan on using the native OLEDB provider
(if there is one for your particular DB) for connection. DSNs use
ODBC, which is an extra layer of acces to get thru to the database,
where as OLEDB provides a direct layer to the database engine. 
There should be no security risks involved using DSN-less because you
will have secured your db at the database level instead of relying on
your ODBC layer to check for permissions.

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I am looking for opinions from the gurus on the list about the pros
cons of DSN and DSN-less connections...
Sometime ago I read someone's posting saying a DSN-less connection was
faster but then wouldn't security be more important in this case?
My teacher says we should never put a db online without a DSN
because the database is too vulnerable....
I would love to hear what you guys have to say about it.
Thank you for all your comments and tips.

Flavia Tarzwell (FayeC)
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If you have DW and DWU installed on your computer DWU will be the
default when installing extensions.
To be able to use those extensions on DW as well you will need to
them into DW. You can do that on the Extension manager. Just go back
the DW extensions and go to File/import select DWU and then select the
extensions you want to import from it. 

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