[thelist] DSN x DSN-less

Mike Hardaker mike at angloinfo.com
Mon Oct 29 10:25:12 CST 2001

Absolutely - DSN-less is the way to go unless you're using some obscure database
that doesn't have an OLEDB provider.

My own informal benchmarking suggests that it's a lot faster, and there's the
added benefit that many hosting companies charge you extra for each DSN, while
offering limitless DSN-less connections :-)


Mike Hardaker
Founder & Publisher - AngloINFO

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> DSN-less will be faster if you plan on using the native OLEDB provider
> (if there is one for your particular DB) for connection. DSNs use
> ODBC, which is an extra layer of acces to get thru to the database,
> where as OLEDB provides a direct layer to the database engine.
> There should be no security risks involved using DSN-less because you
> will have secured your db at the database level instead of relying on
> your ODBC layer to check for permissions.

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