[thelist] in house networking for CF Server ++

Michael Pemberton mpember at phreaker.net
Mon Oct 29 21:33:28 CST 2001

I rate it as the greatest piece of software inivation in decades, and here I go
again : )

VNC is a fantastic piece of software that allows you to control a PC over a
network.  So, once you have the network up and running, just install VNC and you
cen remove the mouse / keyboard / monitor from the PC without limiting your
access to it.

I even found that I can use my PalmOS handheld to control the PC.

Kevin wrote:

> I am pretty sure this is considered off topic so I posted a
> pretty good tip a few minutes ago!
> I am looking for tips, advice, best practices for setting up a
> client server relationship between my older PII 333 celeron
> and my newer K7V AMD 550.
> I would like  to carry my McAfee Virus, Zone Alarm
> firewall, ADSL and also IIs - PWS server for my CF
> web applications. The main focus is to take some of the
> work load off my current computer. When I tried to run virus,
> firewall, and ADSL along with win2k and CF Server my computer
> came to a crawl.
> Is there anything special I would need to know to set this up?
> Any links that can give me a synopsis of what and where I would
> need to go so that I can get up to speed in a reasonable amount of
> time?
> My primary computer is:
> Windows 2000
> AMD 550 133mhz K7V 900mb's sdram
> Voodoo 3 2000
> Intel 10/100 nic
> 40 gig 100ata 5400rpm
> My secondary - aka server
> Windows 98se
> PII 333 celeron 160mb's ram
> onboard audio and video
> ** need nic card **
> 20 gig ata 66 7200rpm  mobo is fixed at "ata 33"
> The other question is do I need a separate monitor, keyboard and mouse
> for this setup? I know next to nothing about setting something like this up.
> I did setup a shared configuration for HDD's, and printers between the
> three computers in house, but I think I would like to create a client -
> server
> relationship for my new setup if this is possible.
> any insight appreciated
> Thank You
> Kevin
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