[thelist] javascript: submit on enter

me me at cgiguy.com
Tue Oct 30 18:36:09 CST 2001

Hey Bill,

Are you aware that the little popup box thingy on your page
makes it so that you cant read the top of your page?
maybe you meant for it to work like that. i dunno.

i am using ie5 if it makes a diff.


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> At 04:18 PM 10/30/2001, you wrote:
> ><form name="perf">
> ><input name="blah"></input>
> ><input type="button" value="go" onClick="perfIt(this.form);"></input>
> ></form>
> >
> >when a user hits 'enter', the form submits to the same page and nothing
> >happens.  how do i execute the 'perfIt' function when a user hits the
> >'enter' key from the first input bar (without clicking the button)?
> You could try adding onkeypress="perflt(this.form);" to the input tag.
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