[thelist] Netscape 6.2 out

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Wed Oct 31 17:52:38 CST 2001

I have tried Netscape 6 in the past and didn't think much of it. After a few
weeks, it stopped working completely.

This morning, I downloaded the Netscape 6.2 Installer (25ishMB) from

The install was fairly painless. I chose a custom install and deselected
everything except Flash.

I can't stand the NetCenter activation thingy, so I cancelled (twice) out of

First load time was pretty lengthy, but after that, things were much
smoother than in the past. It got to, and loaded, The Register marginally
faster than IE5. Load times for other sites were very close (sometimes
faster in IE, sometimes in Netscape).

Rendering of some of my sites were virtually identical to IE which was a
nice surprise. :P

I have no need to switch browsers, but I think testing in Netscape 6.2 is
going to be much easier in the future. If something about IE pisses you off,
you might like to try this alternative.


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