[thelist] IE and Anti-aliasing.

roland dunn roland at dunn.co.uk
Thu Nov 1 05:45:24 CST 2001

Thanks to one and all for replying to my questions about this. Following
various replies, these are my conclusions:

-> IE5 on Windows 2K will anti-alias, but only above a certain point size.
It looks like this point size is around the 10-12 mark, and may not cover
all fonts. To get this working: right-click your Desktop, click Properties.
Choose the Effects tab, Click "Smooth edges of screen fonts". Click OK.

-> In IE5 on Win2K, it appears that you need to shutdown all open IE5
browsers, then re-open them. After this it appears to work.
-> IE6 on Windows XP seem to have this set to work as a default setting.

Thanks, Roland.

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