[thelist] iis4 indexing service

c h r i s d e m p s e y chris at cubeit.co.uk
Thu Nov 1 07:18:26 CST 2001

hey guys, quick question someone might be able to help with.

can the indexing service on iis4 create indexes of sites on other (remote)
servers?? I have a site which uses the indexing service to search their own
content, but also has the option to search 5 external sites.  The results
returned seem a little out of date, nothing newer than april 2001 so I'm
guessing that the server has copies of these sites catalogs but I can't find
anything on the indexing service that tells me how to add catalogs of
external sites.

the client who this site belongs to has no tech staff available till next
monday but want answers today.  all web searches just turned up articles
from people saying how the indexing service in iis5 is much improved.

thanks in advance,


   c h r i s d e m p s e y
       consultant at cube

     [t:] 01292 27 00 99
     [m:] 07764 74 07 36
     [w:] www.cubeit.co.uk

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