[thelist] Lindows?

Kathleen Heytink K_HEYTINK at winebow.com
Thu Nov 1 09:16:13 CST 2001

I read this in the e-mail version of Silicon Alley/Digital Coast ...

"Now that Michael Robertson has changed the face of the music industry and
cashed out to one of its biggest players, is he ready to take on Microsoft?

That's apparently the objective of his mysterious new company Lindows.com,
which finally revealed details of its plans yesterday. The San
Diego-headquartered company is preparing its new LindowsOS, which is
targeting personal and business PC users with a Linux-based operating system
that can run programs designed for Windows."

And I checked out their web site http://www.lindows.com	

Since I would love to wean myself from dependence on M$ products, I was
excited to hear that there might be an alternative operating system that
would support my considerable investment in software.  According to their
web site, the OS will run both Windows and Linux based software.  Have any
of you heard anything about this?  Opinions?

Kath Heytink
Web Designer
Winebow, Inc

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